About Our Project

The Swaziland Project began several years ago, although it wasn’t called that. A group of women from the Days for Girls Snoqualmie Chapter set out to distribute DfG Kits to the women and girls in Swaziland. The need for feminine hygiene products was great and like all other countries Days for Girls serves, they found that girls were missing school, women were missing work and all were using other, unhealthy items to manage their periods (rags, newspaper, leaves, corn husks).

They continued to bring kits and women’s health training to the communities within Swaziland. I had the privilege of traveling with them in February. We distributed 650 kits & conducted women’s health training to 8 different groups (school aged girls and GoGos, which are grandma’s). We also had the opportunity to meet with many other, like-minded non-profits who are helping to bring employment opportunities to the Swazi women, giving them hope for their futures and income to support themselves and their families.

We were amazed and in awe of the doors that God opened for us! We desperately wanted to bring sustainability to the country, to empower women and to give them better health. And, we are doing just that! In May of 2017, the Edmonds WA Chapter (myself and my daughter, Rachael) and the Snoqualmie Chapter (GoGo Carol and GoGo Tracey) will travel back to Swaziland to set up a Days for Girls Enterprise and several DfG Sewing Centers with 4 different organizations. We will teach them how to make the DfG kits, source materials in country, manage their business, and market & sell their kits.

We hope you will join us on our journey as we record our travels and our stories. In the meantime, you can help us by purchasing note cards or photos we have taken on our previous trips or make a donation online. You can reach us through our Contact page. We hope you fall in love with these beautiful women as much as we have!

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps, hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” Maya Angelou